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Creating Collaborative Congregational Leadership Teams

Each person on your congregation's leadership team brings a different set of experiences, training, approaches and strengths to the table.  

Working with Tzibur Strategies, you will go beyond the theoretical "all shul presidents think ...." "Here's how rabbis approach this ...." and "Executive Directors have one agenda, which is ...."

Because all presidents, rabbis and executive directors don't

The Tzibur Strategies approach to congregational leadership creates a sense of mutual appreciation, a real map of the gifts each of you represents and a strategy that optimizes each leader's strength while making sure that the every level of the work required to lead a congregation is covered.

Thriving volunteer leaders,  clergy and professional staff lead thriving congregations


When a rabbi or cantor and congregation have that "we're made for each other" feeling, that's "bashert!"

No matter what size your congregation, volunteers, clergy and staff can feel under-appreciated, overworked, at the mercy of a couple hundred (or more) bosses.  The work of supporting an entire community falls on a relatively few shoulders.  That can lead to burnout...and can mean you might lose some of the best volunteers, clergy or staff on your leadership team.

Working with Tzibur Strategies, you'll have mechanisms in place to avoid burnout, to retain the best people at the table and create an atmosphere in which being on your leadership team is considered by everyone in your community to be the greatest of honors. 

Find your "bashert"* rabbi or cantor

One of the decisions that will shape your congregation for years to come is deciding on your next rabbi or cantor.  That great match is out there if you really know what you are looking for.  The search process depends on understanding the nature of your congregation very, very well.  Being able to assess what your congregation needs now (not replicating what served your congregation well in the past).  Creating a profile of the qualities of leadership your next rabbi or cantor should bring with him or her.

Working with Tzibur Strategies, we'll involve every element of your community ... members, leaders, committees, current clergy and staff ... in mapping out what the congregations needs are and identifying the leadership qualities profile that will guide your search.  That's how we'll find your "bashert" rabbi or cantor!

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